The Words of Wonderland
Lewis Carroll, a mathematics professor at Oxford University, penned Alice's Adventures in Wonderland in 1865, filling the pages with linguistic play, puns, and parodies. The Words of Wonderland scratches the surface of the riddles, patterns, and puzzles of Carroll's canonical text.
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Character Counts

Known for his fanciful phrases, Carroll reinvented the literary nonsense genre

Number of total words in Alice:

Number of unique words in Alice:

Lengthy Linguistics

Carroll's playful prose did not shy away from longer words

Number of unique words over ten characters:

Longest  word (14 characters):  contemptuously 
Runners up (13 characters):

Telling Terms

Carroll leaned on adverbs to capture the constant adventures of Alice

Number of unique adverbs in Alice:

Most frequently used adverbs:

Frequented Favorites

Despite his inventiveness, Carroll did have his preferred turns of phrase

Carroll came back to these words more than any others